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Rochkind Wagner Foundation Scholarship



Morristown, New Jersey

Mark M Rochkind and Patricia W Rochkind, Trustees


The 2023-24 Program for AP Achievement Awards in Math and Science

Consent Form

Qualifying subjects: Calculus BC, Biology, Chemistry, Physics C (E&M) or Physics C (Mechanics), Statistics, Computer Science A, and Environmental Science.

Caveat: An award cannot be earned in both Physics C (E&M) and Physics C (Mechanics)- even in different years.

Level 5 Score on AP Exam.

Grade of A in corresponding academic course, if offered. (Grade of A-, A, or A+ is considered “A” for program purposes.) When no corresponding course is offered, students may qualify for an award through self-study or participation in an on-line course.

Students may be in any grade level (9,10,11,12).

Single award: $200

Student who qualifies for two awards: $500

Student who qualifies for three awards: $900

Student who qualifies for four awards: $1400


To participate in the program, students must supply a parental consent form authorizing the school to release the name and address of awardees and their school year (grade) level to the Rochkind Wagner Foundation so that the Foundation may remain in touch with awardees to follow their progress and to encourage them in their chosen careers.


To earn awards, students must sit for College Board professionally proctored, pencil and paper AP Exams in 2024. These exams have already been scheduled by the College Board to take place May 6-17, 2024.