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Loggerhead ROV


Lead Advisor- David Bodmer

Assistance Advisor - Jennifer Fynmore

Facebook: Mount Olive High School Loggerhead ROV

Instagram: loggerhead_rov

X: @loggerhead_rov




Loggerhead ROV is a marine technology exploration program where students design, manufacture and compete with ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) to accomplish various underwater missions. Our mission is to develop and test underwater ROVs that provide viable solutions to today's challenging marine-ecosystem environment. 

Along with our ROV component, our team members also take part in our Seas Our Seas (SOS) initiative to educate themselves and others on how we can safeguard our oceans—its people, its marine life, and the fragile ecosystems in which all life depends. 

As a program, we strive to provide hands-on opportunities in both the technical and non-technical fields that will cultivate interpersonal skills and promote career and college readiness.