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Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA/Spectrum)


Danielle Kay




President - Lee Creegan

Vice President - Greyson Nox Campisi

Treasurer - Mairin Missaggia

Secretary - Juno Copen

Public Relations - Casper Smith

Graphic Design - Joseph Clark



Gay-Straight Alliance

Spectrum, the MOHS Gay-Straight Alliance welcomes all students, regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, or gender. We hope to create a welcoming and safe environment for all students in the MOHS family. The mission of Spectrum is to help students learn to be allies who fight discrimination and bias of all kinds on campus and beyond. Our twice monthly meetings are an opportunity for students of all backgrounds to gather together and build community. We host group discussions, film screenings, guest speakers, virtual field-trips, anti-bias training, arts and crafts, and other activities to promote discussion, reflection, and action. We also participate in community service, fundraising, and advocacy programs.


Classroom Code: iudf37o