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World Languages

"Second Language Acquisition research has shown that learners need as much exposure as possible to the target language for acquisition to occur. Learners need to be actively engaged with the target language. Just like learning to ride a bike or any other important skill, learning is best achieved by doing. For many learners, the precious minutes in our classrooms are the only opportunity in their day to experience the target language. We must maximize this exposure by providing a language-rich environment that prepares them for success in the real-world. Likewise, if the goal is for learners to have the proficiency to survive and thrive in the target culture, whether it be in our neighborhoods or across the ocean, then authentic target language experiences and materials must be provided." (ACTFL)

The Mount Olive High School World Languages Department is dedicated to enriching our students' comprehensive high school experience. Through the purposeful use of the target language in the classroom and exposure to all facets of language acquisition, students should leave their world languages program with functional fluency. We believe that students should not be taught grammar and vocabulary in isolation, but that these skills should be embedded into authentic, genuine, and engaging lessons that promote fluency and comprehension. Students will grow their global awareness through study of cultures, geography, and traditions.

The sum of wisdom is not contained in any one language, and no single one can express all the forms and degrees of human experience.

Ezra Pound, The ABC's of Writing, 1934

World Language Course Offerings

Department Chair

Susan Pasqualone
973-927-2208 ext. 7211

Department Staff Members

Spanish Teachers

Ms. Gonzalez
Phone: 7659

Mr. Bilbao
Phone: 7435

Ms. Cruz 
Phone: 7657

Ms. Lungo
Phone: 7658

French Teachers

Ms. Kerr  
Phone: 7652

Ms. Van Stone
Phone: 7651

Italian Teachers

Ms. Pirog 
Phone: 7656

Mr. Viva
Phone: 7654