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MOHS Hosts Inaugural Future Fair

MOHS Hosts Inaugural Future Fair

Experiencing the future firsthand at the inaugural MOHS Future Fair: A dynamic showcase of innovation, exploration, and boundless possibilities, igniting curiosity and shaping tomorrow's world.

April 23, 2024

Mount Olive High School (MOHS) took a proactive step toward guiding its students into the future with its inaugural "MOHS Future Fair" on April 23, 2024. The event, organized by Sharon Staszak, the Director of Secondary Specialized Services, the MOHS Child Study Team, and the transition coordinator, provided an evening for students, families, and professionals to explore many options for their future endeavors.

With 26 organizations in attendance, including prominent names such as ABILITIES, AVIDD, and Rutgers, the Future Fair aimed to cover a broad spectrum of possibilities for students' post-secondary life. The event wasn't just about traditional career paths; it also delved into community-based services and organizations tailored for young adults with disabilities.

Specialists from various fields offered insights into modified college options, supported employment, respite agencies, social agencies, community habilitation, vocational and career options, and more. This comprehensive approach ensured attendees could gain valuable information to aid in their transition to adult life.

"The MOHS Future Fair provided an invaluable opportunity for our students to explore diverse pathways for their future," remarked Staszak. "We wanted to create a platform where students could not only discover traditional career options but also learn about the available support services."

Among the organizations were educational institutions like Montclair University and technical schools like Lincoln Tech, indicating the broad range of educational opportunities showcased at the fair. Additionally, agencies such as DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities) and DVRS (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services) highlighted resources available for students with disabilities.

The event's significance was underscored by its focus on inclusivity and support for all students, regardless of their challenges or aspirations. "The Future Fair reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive support for every student's journey beyond high school," Staszak emphasized.

The success of the first annual MOHS Future Fair has set a precedent for future events, demonstrating the school's dedication to preparing its students for success in the ever-evolving landscape of adulthood and careers. As Mount Olive High School continues prioritizing student empowerment and resource accessibility, events like these are poised to become integral components of the school's educational offerings for years to come.